Overview of RaceFi Metaverse

What is Race City?

RaceFi Square
  • RaceFi Square will be in the center with an area of 64*64. This will be the location for billboards, and the RaceFi metaverse’s largest scale entertainment service center.
  • The remainder of the area will be used for property investment and other applications (for example, a commercial, service, or financial center, a partner’s headquarters, and so on)

What are the features?

Owning lands

  • Raw Land: the most basic unit of land, which can be used for any purpose by the owner (leasing, building a house, building commercial and service centers,…)
  • Residential land: the land on which the owner’s residence and accompanying amenities are located (the owner can use it for any personal purpose)
  • Resort land: the largest fixed land area accessible for the resort and accompanying amenities for owners
  • Building land: An area of land with high-rise buildings that fully converges the needs of everyone. Owners can use it for any purpose, from living places to business places. They can add their brands to the building.
Some of the land models

Enjoying the entertainment

  • Exhibitions: owners can open galleries of their NFT collection and organize exhibitions displaying their NFT works through exhibitions. NFTs can be purchased and sold directly on RaceFi’s marketplace or during monthly auctions.
  • Games: in addition to RaceFi’s mini-games, users can easily play games from other metaverse supplier partners for fun and lucrative prizes.
  • Music venues: places where celebrities, DJs, and musicians hold concerts or fan meetings, both in the real and online world. Through these music festivals, all investors can take advantage of the opportunity to promote their products to a large number of people.


In-game assets

  • Racetracks: There will be several racetracks that will be located around the city. Race track owners can earn race fees each time a race takes place. On a track-by-track basis, the race track’s earnings are distributed evenly among the land plot owners.
  • Garage: Racers must bring their cars to a Garage to maintain them after finishing the race. Total proceeds at all Garage will be pooled together and distributed evenly to all Garage owners
  • Gas station: Gas functions as a sort of entrance fee for races. To enter a race, Racers must stop at a gas station and buy fuel with $. Racers buy a number of gallons (GAL) of fuel and then enter races that consume a specified amount of GAL per race.

What are the benefits?

  • Having opportunities to play RaceFi game and other GameFi partner projects easily
  • Renting/buying/selling/auctioning land/house for profit
  • Having the right to buy a garage, gas station and will get a commission from the system
  • Owning land allows you to stake NFT, $RACEFI with an attractive APR
  • Joining and becoming a part of DAO system
  • Expanding networking with more potential projects, users seek investment and cooperation opportunities
  • Organizing events, contests, giveaways, and NFT exhibitions to advertise products and attract users.
  • Promoting brands in the metaverse (ex: using the brands’ products as a tournament reward, bringing the brand into metaverse and game, etc.)

Who’s already here?

About RaceFi:

Website | Telegram | Medium | Twitter | Discord | Reddit




RaceFi is the first AI/ML integrated car racing game on Solana ecosystem.

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RaceFi is the first AI/ML integrated car racing game on Solana ecosystem.

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