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We are honored to announce the partnership between RaceFi and GaFin 🤝

We are incredibly excited to see the results of our partnership with the upcoming major development campaigns. RaceFi and GaFin will also jointly host big campaigns for communities in the future. Besides, we will create companionships in terms of structure and feature development in the game to bring users the best product.


GaFin is the first Web3 Game Publisher Platform to apply Zero-knowledge rollup (Zk-rollup) technology to build and automate Tournament with AI assistance.

GaFin provides an all-in-one ecosystem solution for ESports, Metaverse and NFT related products. We aim to build professional Esports communities with Web2 and Web3 tournaments globally through the GaFin Esport Tournament platform. By applying blockchain technology, we ensure greater transparency of the Esport system and create sustainable value for the community.

Besides, GaFin focuses on developing education through scholarships, Internship, Workshop BlockChain, Training Session and TechCamp to increase the level of connection between Blockchain technology systems and industries, meet knowledge and improve Raising awareness of Genz young generation in “Future Technology”.

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About RaceFi:

RaceFi is a Decentralised Metaverse and Car Racing game with Web3 infrastructure | Built on Multichain(Solana, BNBChain, Polygon), Unreal Engine 5, AI/ML. All ownable parts of the game are in the form of verifiably owned NFTs. Within RaceFi’s ecosystem, players can earn while enjoying various game modes to satisfy the thirst for speed or make a profit by owning in-game property.

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RaceFi is the first AI/ML integrated car racing game on Solana ecosystem.