RaceFi 1st Anniversary — $1000 for BNB Chain & Solana users

To celebrate 1st anniversary of RaceFi, we are holding an airdrop for the BNB Chain and Solana community with a total prize pool of up to $1000 worth of $RaceFi tokens 🎊🎊🎊

⏰Time: Dec 22 — Dec 30, 2022
💰Prize: $1000 worth of $RACEFI
🏆Winner: 40 (20 BNBChain users & 20 Solana users)


Follow: https://twitter.com/racefi_io
✅ Join: https://discord.gg/wb6B3t5Pks

Retweet: https://twitter.com/racefi_io/status/1605850645143199745
✅ Retweet and comment #RACEFI: https://twitter.com/racefi_io/status/1605903478626209795

✅ Post a photo Check-in RaceFi (logo, chart, mascot, in-game assets, etc) with your Christmas background on your Twitter account, with hashtags:

> For the BNBChain users: #RACEFI #RACEFIXMAS #BNBChain
❗️Note: You can choose one option or use different accounts to participate.

We will award 40 winners who complete the rules correctly (20 users of BNBChain and 20 users of Solana)

Users have to follow all of the rules to win this event!

About RaceFi

RaceFi is a Decentralised Metaverse and Car Racing game with Web3 infrastructure | Built on Solana, Unreal Engine 5, AI/ML Within RaceFi’s ecosystem, players can earn while enjoying various game modes to satisfy the thirst for speed or make a profit by owning in-game property. Pure race or Battle race, PvP or PvE, racers or citizens of Race City, the possibilities are endless. Besides, RaceFi is in the process of building the RaceFi metaverse which is a seamless integration of the real and virtual worlds that runs on multiple blockchains: Solana, BSC, Polygon, and Avax.

RaceFi has concluded our IDO on SolRarz and Enjinstarter, and $RACEFI token is currently trading on Kucoin and Raydium.

Website | Telegram | Medium | Twitter | Discord



RaceFi is the first AI/ML integrated car racing game on Solana ecosystem.

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RaceFi is the first AI/ML integrated car racing game on Solana ecosystem.