RaceFi — All you need to know

5 min readMar 22


Dear RaceFi — ers, our Beta Test is officially launched now, we really appreciate that at this point our community members are so actively participating! And now, we want to give you an overview of RaceFi Game. Let's dive in and explore what is RaceFi!

1. What is RaceFi?

RaceFi is a Web3 car racing game with built-in advertising service powered by blockchain technology. This is where powerful racers compete against each other to win exciting rewards. All ownable parts of the game are in the form of verifiably owned NFTs. In RaceFi’s metaverse, players can earn money while enjoying different game modes or make a profit by owning in-game assets.

2. How to earn $RACEFI?

There are many ways for players to earn $RACEFI within the game which are:

  • Trading in-game NFTs
  • Playing Single mode
  • Joining RaceFi Tournaments
  • Playing Battle Pass

2.1. Trading in-game NFTs

To earn $RACEFI, players can buy, sell and trade in-game NFTs on marketplaces. They can earn tokens by selling rare or valuable NFTs they have acquired through their gameplay.

2.2. Single Mode

Players will directly drive and control their cars and overcome challenges along the road within a limited time to win the prize. To join this mode, players need to pay an amount of fee to start the race and the reward will include other players’ fees as well. Players who take the top spots on the leaderboard will be rewarded. In addition, players can play the game using pre-made events or by creating their own.

2.3. Tournament

It is a tournament where players compete against one another for incredibly alluring prizes. Players must register their race cars in accordance with the competition’s rules in order to take part. Those who have the highest overall score and have not broken any regulations will receive prizes. Particularly, there are no entry fees to this tournament for participants.

2.4. Battle Pass

Joining the race, completing all required missions is the way for players to win rewards from this event. There will be various types of missions in the game, and players need to complete all of them to accumulate enough points to receive rewards.

3. Gameplay

RaceFi has 4 types of game modes, and players will have the chance to experience different feelings of racing with various types of challenges and obstacles.

3.1. Practice

Practice mode allows players to practice driving and racing without the pressure of competition. In this mode, players can explore tracks, test different car models, and experiment with different driving techniques to improve their skills and familiarity with the game.

This game mode is free to play and will be an important mode to help players practice and improve their skills. Get in the car and practice now to prepare well for the fierce races.

3.2. Multiplayers

This mode of game allows players to race directly and compete against each other. In this mode, players can race against friends or other players from around the world, either in teams or individually. They will need to use different skills like a professional racer to beat their opponents and take the top spot on the leaderboard. Moreover, players will not have to pay any fee to join this mode.

3.3. Rally mode (UPCOMING)

In rally mode, players will use specialized car models to move on difficult and complex terrains in an open world. This mode requires players with high skills and the ability to observe and react to unexpected situations occurring on the track. Also, this game mode is free to join and players can play with friends to discover new lands.

3.4. Battle Arena (UPCOMING)

This game mode allows players to upgrade their cars with combat features such as guns, shields, and armor. Each race will have up to 8 players and no time limit or finish line, giving players the chance to continue racing and attacking each other until there is a winning car left. The name of the winner will be honored on the prestigious leaderboard.

4. RACEFI Portal

Get it at http://portal.racefi.io to begin trading on Marketplace, and experience other features such as Staking, Inviting Friends,…

4.1. Marketplace

In addition to external marketplace platforms like Magic Eiden, RaceFi also has its own marketplace. This is a platform where players can exchange, buy and sell NFTs easily and conveniently.

4.2. Staking

Players can join RaceFi Staking Program to stake NFTs and tokens with attractive APR and reward levels.

4.3. Referral friends

The Referral Program is a system that incentivizes players to recommend RaceFi to their friends. When joining Referral Program, players will be rewarded if they follow these steps:

+ Step 1: Refer Friends

Go to the Referral page, Log in or Sign up, and then invite your friend by sharing your personal referral ID.

+ Step 2: Complete the missions

Ask your friend to register, enter your referral ID, and complete 5 races in single mode at the first log-in

+ Step 3: Claim rewards

After your friend completes all the missions, you will receive $50 as a reward. The more friends you can invite, the more rewards you will receive

And players must also meet a few other requirements to receive the reward.

  • Invite 5 friends to download and they need to play at least 5 races at single mode
  • Each account only links to a wallet and plays RaceFi for the first time
  • Each account only gets 1 referral ID




RaceFi is the first AI/ML integrated car racing game on Solana ecosystem.